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A little extra help during pregnancy for moms-to-be

Posted by eClinicalWorks on 6/21/19 10:40 AM

Mothers-to-be have always turned to their own mothers, friends, and their doctors for advice during pregnancy. Even in our tech-savvy age, women still reach out to those who have shared their experiences.

The rise of technology has, however, offered them still more. The wealth of reliable health information on the internet, along with the rise of healthcare IT tools such as patient portals and apps, means that moms-to-be today have more resources than ever before.

There are times when an expectant mother might not be able to reach her doctor immediately. Perhaps she doesn't want to bother family or friends. She might simply be feeling uncertain about something going on with her pregnancy and need a way to quickly access expert medical information.

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Bringing Up Baby with healow

Posted by Chris Sinacola on 11/20/15 3:47 PM


We have dozens of apps to help with our activities, from ordering a cab or booking a table at a restaurant to helping us take charge of our health. How much did I run today? How many calories did I burn? 


Well, easy-to-use apps are coming to pediatric and maternal health, too.  A mother-to-be wants her health information handy, from office visit summaries to lab results, and wants to know what to look for throughout her pregnancy.  The healow Mom app helps her know:


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