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5 Innovative Ways Providers are Utilizing Their EHR

Posted by eClinicalWorks on 1/29/20 11:35 AM

Choosing a strong healthcare IT partner like eClinicalWorks means having someone by your side that supports your practice’s goals and future plans. From small rural practices to large urban health centers, eClinicalWorks customers represent a varied group of healthcare professionals dedicated to transforming the art of medicine. Below are five customers who have utilized our comprehensive EHR in ways that have helped them grow and succeed.

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Healthcare, change, and changing mindsets

Posted by eClinicalWorks on 5/22/17 9:03 AM


If there’s anything more difficult than developing healthcare IT, it’s implementing it. And we’re not talking here about the developers and trainers at companies such as eClinicalWorks whose job it is to teach the software to clients. We mean how clients themselves adapt to rapidly changing technology. 

eClinicalWorks focuses a lot of time and attention on training. But the best trainer in the world cannot be certain that clients understand the tools they use every day until they demonstrate confidence in the use of new technologies, and show that they are thinking differently about processes and workflows.

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