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We Need Your Help! #eCWNC19 Call for Presenters

Posted by eClinicalWorks on 5/30/19 8:00 AM

We're always looking for great stories for the National Conference – We want to hear yours! 

Big Sur is the lone health center that offers healthcare for a hundred miles of California coastline. In the winter of 2016-17, mudslides tore apart the environment – cutting off the community from the rest of the world.

The health center had no choice but to shut down. Close by in Monterey, Dr. Brita Breummer was able to use cloud-based technology to access patients' Electronic Medical Records and charts through the eClinicalWorks EHR system.

Petaluma Health Center serves 31,000 patients annually. 87% of Petaluma Health Center patients are 200% below the Federal Poverty Level. The practice needed Patient Engagement and Population Health tools that would ensure efficient workflows and deeper insight into the community’s needs.

With some help from eClinicalWorks, staff were able to successfully undertake campaigns for hypertension control and hepatitis C testing. There were significant improvements in compliance, and their success led to the receipt of a HIMSS Davies Community Health Award.

It’s stories like Big Sur’s and Petaluma Health Center’s that inspire eClinicalWorks to innovate and improve healthcare together. Our mission at eClinicalWorks began 20 years ago, and we want to continue to positively affect the healthcare IT landscape for years to come. 

The 2019 National Conference is your chance to tell us your story. Year after year, our client presentations are some of the most attended sessions at our National Conference. It is a great honor to have you educate us at #eCWNC19 on a healthcare IT subject that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. 

Once you are registered, you could have the chance to present. Although we wish we could learn from everyone, there are a limited number of spots available. 

Click here for complete information about how you could give a presentation  before thousands of fellow eClinicalWorks users. See you in Orlando!  


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